Tanya Awad Ghorra Lebanon

My humble experience in my country Lebanon and in the Arab world, made me realize how little we know about communication. Mass communication might be the 21st century essential tool, still, communicating with others is lacking more than ever.

Being an activist in my country, put me few years ago on the path of a new non-violent university (AUNOHR), where I was lucky enough to be among the 73 first professionals in the MENA region, to get an MBA in the major I chose: Non-Violent Education and Conflict resolution.

Quickly, I found myself shifting towards this new field, and with my background, I found what I was looking for in NVC (Non-Violent Communication). I became a trainer, and shared my experience and knowledge with many. I worked with children in school, with young activists, with international activists in peace building.

Conflict resolution, mediation, peace building...it all need good communication skills, we are the only speaking conscious creatures, why not make a good use of what we have? We often speak, and rarely communicate, especially when needed.

Through iMA, I discovered the importance of colors in order to better know the person we want to deal with. It is a simple yet effective way to better understand each others and resolve our conflicts in a peaceful way.

In NVC we try to build bridges, and iMA High goes the same way. It’s all about empathy, compassion, better understanding... simple natural tools we have but for some reason don’t use as often as we should.

iMA  is a peace tool, to a better communication, and for conflict resolution. If we know what color are the others, we understand them better, we know what they expect, how they expect, what stresses them, what are their needs.

In NVC, we work to become good observers, good listeners, with empathy, in other words, NVC and iMA go together if we want to build a peaceful environment to live in, be it work, home, with colleagues, friends, family, or opponents.

Tanya Awad Ghorra Lebanon

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