Rizwana Hajiyani Great Britain

Hello, my name is Rizwana; I am an Accredited iMA Practitioner, Lecturer and accredited therapist in Brief Strategic and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

My passion is human behaviour and self development. I have travelled and lived in many different parts of the world including The Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Mozambique. This has enabled me to experience different cultures, interactions and presented the opportunity to work with some very large organisations including Coca-Cola, Union Transport and Delta Trading.

I was initially attracted to iMA when I filled in an online questionnaire, by answering 10 very simple questions it recognised my strengths, comfort zone and preference of communication style. I was intrigued and wanted to know how iMA could be utilised to enhance my connectivity with my clients.

The beauty of iMA is that it is very easy to learn but goes very deep in its application, resulting in achieving much stronger connections and communication even with people who are on a different wavelength to you. It is recognised worldwide that connecting with others is one of the fundamental skills to ones success. iMA can help open doors that the digital culture have closed. Through iMA I can help you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses; erase and replace limiting patterns of behaviour that act as a barrier to your success.

My areas of expertise include:

Helping companies acquire, retain and utilise the best talent and build peak performance teams
One on one coaching
Workshops for team building, communication and connectivity
Helping companies to build ideal project management teams
Stress management support

I can help individuals and companies to realise their true potential and achieve success.

Rizwana Hajiyani

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Tel: 44 (0)203 302 3384
Mob: 44 (0)796 194 3350
Email: pjpjamal@yahoo.com

Questionnnaire: ima-changing.com Web: www.corporate-therapy.com

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