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Philip Hitchen is Managing Director and founder of Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd, a UK leading brand in the field of bus and coach transportation with a fleet of 70 vehicles operating across the North West, the UK and Europe.

He is passionate about creating fun in the work place to make staff feel valued and engaged.  iMA  has helped  create an unrivalled customer experience within his industry.

Despite a challenging economy in recent years Belle Vue managed to treble revenues and are geared for significant growth in the near future.

Phil specializes in sales and marketing, transportation, and team leadership.

Phil is a regular speaker, advisor and sits on many councils for the Confederation of Transport in the UK. He is currently developing the industry’s first leadership development program for entrepreneurs in the UK Passenger Transport Industry.

His first book, Onwards & Upwards – How to Make More Money With Less Stress, - will be launched next year.

"In March 2011 James Knight presented the IMA strategies to me and since this time I have implemented the strategies in my life to reduce stress and tension and increase sales and productivity.

iMA is a simple way of observing and understanding the differences in people and communicating with them on their wavelength.

Needless to say I now work less, earn more and enjoy my passions of quality family time, playing golf and taking holidays more often. (This isn’t a dress rehearsal so live your dream!) If I can help you live yours - please drop me an email any time."

Philip Hitchen

Managing Director – Belle Vue Manchester Ltd

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