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The iMA Strategy solution is yet another example where I believe we can help businesses achieve greatness by being more effective communicators.

The connectivity between people is a fundamental life skill and yet, while the psychology has been documented the delivery of the results and ability to manage and change has been difficult leading to poor implementation.

I am extremely excited by iMA, an exciting new universal language, designed to maximise connectivity i.e. mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect as well as providing a simple implementation.

I believe therefore that this added capability for the Cost Saving Group will bring just as great a benefit to your business as the actual reduction in costs that we routinely provide. This provides the capability to have your own cost reduction teams deliver focused and effective results faster than you would normally achieve.

I am absolutely convinced of the added value to our clients that iMA Strategies will bring through this process, helping Businesses to realise their full potential by providing training in this life skill.

This is an essential piece of the toolkit that a Supply Chain and Procurement professional requires (as well as the rest of the business) when negotiating, developing projects, managing suppliers and conducting business providing immeasurable benefit and the “edge” that every Supply Chain Procurement and business professional will want."

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