Owen O'Malley Ireland

My name is Owen O’Malley, CEO and Founder of The Investment Club Network www.ticn.com who inspires people to become financially free using the worlds global stock market as a vehicle to do so in.

I was looking for an effective communication system for our large group of 22,000 global members in 1,000 investment clubs in 43 countries in 12 different languages. That is how I discovered iMA. It is a powerful, efficient and eloquent universal communication system. IMA connects our club members creating instant rapport and harmony within our clubs once applied.

Before TICN Ltd I worked for Norsk Hydro in the Salmon Farming Industry firstly as an environmental scientist and later as a Marine Operations Manager. We now have embraced iMA to help our members connect with each other and with those that are near and dear to them at home as well.

Professionally I use iMA in TICN to help us to connect with and empower our members to create rapport within the Investment clubs and ultimately work more effectively together to become financially free.

If you are interested in raising the productivity and connectivity in your organisation and with your customers and would like to talk some more to us about a system that works wonderfully please contact me.

Owen O'Malley
CEO TICN - empowering people to become free.

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Email: owen@ticn.com Questionnaire: www.ima-ticn.com

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