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Moira Geary, The Recombobulator, is an ordinary woman with a rare and proven ability to help people achieve extraordinary results.

She is the ‘been there, done that girl’, working as a Personal Development Consultant she works with people to overcome their blocks and demon in business and life just like she overcame for herself. She truly believes that it was paramount for her to personally experience adversity and surmount it before she could show others how to be happy and successful.

Moira is mum to three teenage sons and wife to Jeff. After experiencing her own major blocks, demons and difficulties and overcoming them Moira now has a very successful Personal Development business where she serves clients in all corners of the globe.

Moira is emphatic that it is never the qualifications on paper that qualify you to help others but your experience in getting the desired result for yourself first, owning the knowledge of how you got the result and then showing others how to transform. Over the last decade, Moira has developed an impressive track record in teaching thousands of people how to effectively manage stress and fear. Through this experience, Moira has developed three unique pillar technologies to accelerate progress: Quantum Release™, Quantum Alignment™ and 7 Behavioural Codes™.

With a keen ability to get to the point of pain quickly Moira helps people overcome their blocks in business and life both quickly and easily. The fact that she needed to do this for herself helps her to understand it more deeply.

Moira introduced iMA to her business model after she found it revealed to her vital information about herself that helped her relate better to family members, clients, prospective clients and the general public. She very quickly became aware of the potential power of the IMA principles for everyone. She uses the principles with clients to help them overcome blocks in business, relationships and life in general so that they can communicate better thus growing their client base, increasing their bottom line and more importantly gain peace of mind.

Moira Geary

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