Lynn Lapham Australia

Following a 25 year career in corporate and management teams, Lynn recognized a need for personal change when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005. At this time of deep reflection Lynn discovered that she was not living her purpose and being authentic to who she really was and this became the catalyst for taking charge of her destiny.

Lynnnow lives with passion, purpose and possibility. She is a Business Owner, Personal Empowerment Coach, Trainer and Speaker and works in a number of business and community fields as an inspirational and empowering mentor.

When Lynn discovered iMA, she described it as the final piece of the jigsaw that would lock together the many facets of her training and life experiences to assist her in her mission to make a difference to others through improved communication and connectivity. Now as an Accredited iMA Practitioner, Lynn sees its application in all areas of her work as a very simple but incredibly effective tool to bring clarity and direction to the way people approach this most important aspect of human behaviour which ultimately translates to success and fulfilment in life.

Lynn helps people understand the hard truth about soft skills and delivers practical tools and techniques for mastering soft skills across the career spectrum enabling her clients to explore the mind-body connection and inspiring them to lead, work and live more effectively through emotional and social intelligence, better relationships and connections, enthusiasm, great attitudes, less stress, and more joy!

With a natural compassion and comprehension of the value of time, creation and life, Lynn’s leadership, training and consulting is charged with passion, credibility and a deep and genuine interest in supporting extraordinary achievements for people through a greater sense of self-confidence, more effective communication and the ability to connect with others in every aspect of work and life.

Lynn’s self mastery and leadership utilises the ‘gifts’ of her journey to sharpen the message for us all – and to quote Lynn’s message, “We need to find our voice and make a choice - We need to Live our Legacy, so that we can Leave Our Legacy”.

Lynn Lapham

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