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Individuals and business alike often seek inspiration, motivation, clarity, planning skills and a kick start to achieving their goals, especially when life throws a few curve balls and diverts us from our chosen path. In addition, issues relating to core values, goal setting, focus, communication and relationships can be entwined in these areas, undermining further our confidence, motivation and growth.

If your inner voice is too loud to ignore any longer and it is telling you it is time for some positive change, I would love to have a conversation with it! I provide supportive life coaching skills and strategies blended with simple to use tools and resources, a dash of fun and focus to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

I am a fully certificated Motivational & Life Coach with a wealth of knowledge in human resources and organization development .

As an iMA Practitioner, I use these simple but highly effective communication tools to not only deliver flexible, customized, personal support for individual clients in an impactful way, but I also teach them how to use iMA in their lives to improve relationships and communication for the better.

Louisa Miles

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