Liz Lee Kelley Great Britain

Hello, I am Liz Lee-Kelley and an Accredited iMA Practitioner.

I have enjoyed a successful industry career which saw me transition from a technical manager to a manager of people in projects at both operational and executive levels.

My research supports my personal observation that we need people who are committed and motivated in projects. Effective individuals are not only technically excellent, they are self-aware and able to reach out and connect with others with integrity and understanding. They are courageous in their decisions, yet empathetic, open to suggestions and challenges and willing to step outside their comfort zone. The challenge is, how can organisations and senior management help their employees develop that capability.

I have found iMA to be an access-friendly proven tool with a strong theoretical basis. It helps my clients gain valuable insights about themselves and learn how they can personally make a difference in a project or programme. Organisations and their employees all over the world have benefited from iMA, including: Autotraders, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Accenture, Bellvue Coach, Jeyes Group, BHW Group, Distribution-Technology and Reed Global.

I am using my industry experience and iMA skills to help clients operating in complex settings build communities-of-practice, high performing teams, develop managers who can modify their communication and coordination styles so as to lead their projects and make decisions with confidence.

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Email: Lizleekelley@gmtc.uk Mobile: 0789 7803212
Questionnaire: ima-gmtc.com

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