Lin Oliver Canada

In 2014, after a successful career as an IT professional and a lifetime study of consciousness, I published my book "The Universe Has Eyes" and launched LiNNXX Solutions to share transformational tools and technology to thrive in this new era.

I was attracted to iMA Strategies for Self-actualization and using iMA to Actualize our Dreams because the focus of my business, LiNNXX Solutions is to harness the power of technology to "Bring Your Dreams to Life."

i - identify and Dare to Dream your Big Dream!
M - Move in its Direction
A - Actualize it using iMA !

My Big “Why?” is to share the message of my book which is that “You are the centre of your universe”, to empower people to bring their dreams to life and provide a path to opportunity to THRIVE!

Life is consciousness made visible, when you know this everything changes. The world “out there” is a reflection of our inner world, to change our lives and our world we must upgrade our personal operating system, our consciousness.

Did you know...

- The Universe is driven by potential?
- The Universe is expanding and growing through you? What gift is trying to emerge through you?
- The Universe gives you what you BELIEVE: What You Believe Is What You Get!

Are you ready to make the leap to Self-employment and Self-expression but don't know where to start? I am a pathfinder and would love to provide a path to empowerment for you to find a way to share your gifts with the world and bring your dreams to life.

Please get in touch if I may assist in these transformational times.

Lin Oliver
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