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“What will define your success is your ability to interact and work with people.” Henri de Castries - Chairman, AXA

As a Decision Coach, I enable individuals and companies worldwide to identify and overcome their Blind Spots on Strategic, Operational, and Human levels. iMA is a tremendously valuable tool for me in achieving that. Successful Decision Making depends on the input and buy-in to your idea you get from others. When you connect with people at their wavelength, getting that support is so much easier.

The power of iMA is demonstrated time and again in the Decision workshops I run. There, iMA creates "Moments of Magic" when all participants' strengths are borne out through colour-awareness. This instantly lifts Decision Making to a higher level, often with more innovative ideas and a faster turnaround being the result.

The beauty of iMA is its simplicity. Everybody will remember their colour and what it stands for. Yet, iMA goes deep and is versatile in its application. People get benefits from iMA individually the moment they are aware of their colour. A team aware of its members' colours can achieve transformational results. Once clients get started with iMA, they simply don't stop finding uses for it - across all functions in their companies as well as in their private lives. For many it is an eye-opening set of concepts that helps them make more sense of the world in which they operate, and leap-frog from there on.

For me personally, iMA made me more effective in connecting with people and maintaining a productive connection with them. It also enables me to spot causes of friction between others, and, naturally for a High Blue, to address those. Both aspects are of immense use in one-to-one coaching situations, when working with groups as well as getting the message right when speaking to any audience.

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Jos van Rozen
Decision Coach

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