Jos Essers Netherlands

Jos Essers is a Senior Marketing Professional, the founder of “The Master Networker Institute”, an internationally acclaimed networking development trainer, co-writer of multiple training courses aimed at improving networking results and is the author of the Dutch language blog about “Word of Mouth Marketing”.  

Jos's passion is to improve results in networking through the structuring of word of mouth marketing programs giving people the tools to maximise their own personal productivity and effectiveness.

On iMA Jos says “I vehemently oppose the saying; Treat people the way you want to be treated yourself. As a manager and a networker I learned that I myself and everybody else in the world, we just want to be treated in the way we want to be treated, right within our comfort zones. The challenge as a person, a manager or networker, is how to find out, how the other person wants to be treated and what are their comfort zones.”

“I am so glad that James created the iMA program and I am happy to get theopportunity to introduce iMA into the Netherlands”

Jos Essers 

Senior Marketing Professional

Founder The Master Networker Institute

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Skype: jos_essers



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