James Moffatt Great Britain

As well as being an iMA Practitioner  James is also a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. 

As a High Yellow, positivity is a key trait which gives him the ethos of positive thinking. James believes we can control our thoughts and thoughts affect how we feel. Negative thoughts give rise to negative emotions, negative emotions can adversely influence our decisions and behaviours... Hence the power of positive thoughts over our behaviours and decisions.

James says: “I am extremely excited and passionate about the future of iMA and the possibilities of its application. I have already seen its power in the way management and coaching approaches can be tailored. In addition, in conflict resolution and prevention, the majority of damaging cases are down to poor communication. Sales successes are down to great communication and a ‘liking’ between buyer and seller. By identifying, modifying and adapting behaviours we can increase productivity and reduce tensions”.

James Moffatt

Phone: 0044 845 116 2656
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