Heather Hutchings New Zealand

Effective communication builds the foundation on which employees and management can operate as a team to accomplish the mutual goal of company success.

Having acquired my knowledge and skill through a more individualistic and culturally diverse route. This has led to I understand the grass roots of setting up a business and how to plan for eventualities.

I have had over 30 years of successful experience in Leadership Training , Organisational Development Consultant and as a Business Solutions facilitator working alongside organisations both large and small, to increase profitability and efficiencies.

There are three key factors that I see as fundamental in developing team members who are engaged with what your organisation is trying to accomplish.

• Those with an emotional attachment to their work are driven to make a positive influence on the outcome of their organisations success.

• Good Lines of communication create an atmosphere in which employees want to indulge in.

• Engaged employees are more profitable, more productive, more customer-focused, safer and less likely to look for employment elsewhere.

I am excited to be an iMA practitioner and partnering with organisations and clients so that all benefit from providing an environment where high performing teams can focus on individual strengths, and be valued for their individuality.

Specialising in:

Using iMA to guide organisations and their team members to clarity and momentum helping them understand their Purpose, Brand Promise and values of, and working towards team alignment through leadership development. Identifying, developing and implementing systems and procedures. Trust and goal setting workshops using iMA Strategies to Network and build Relationships.

Heather Hutchings

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heather@isucceedatbusiness.com nz.linkedin.com/in/heatherhutchings

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