Hazel Lamarre Canada

My passion is to help people have better lives through peaceful conflict resolutions.

Eager to help others with peaceful negotiations, I  trained and was certified as a paralegal in 1999. Through the Human Resource Development Canada Self-Employment Program, I launched a paralegal business providing counselling, mediation, contract review and documentation.

 As the financial aspect is crucial to the success of helping the parties get to agreement and survive financially, in 2007 I became a fully-licensed Financial Advisor and am a member of Advocis. Recognizing the contributing factor of the aging population in personal and business communication, I also obtained an Elder Planning Designation.

I founded The Conciliation Group and and am a franchisor of Partners Part Peacefully. Through  conciliation, guidance and direction sessions and speaking opportunities,  I have become a primary resolutions resource to professionals, individuals and business owners.

Through my own personal experience and working with individuals, families and business owners for over 19 years combined,  I have become  a unique resolution specialist bringing forward Conciliation as the most desired option to save time, money and stress, especially where the parties have ongoing relationships.

I am proud to be an  Accredited  iMA Practitioner  and use iMA to develop a deeper connection with my clients.

As a result have expanded the scope of my work to help  corporate clients develop a proven strategy through iMA of identifying and utilizing their human resources to realize and increase sales and profit.

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Phone: 647-272-7095

Email: hazel@mendmymarriage.ca Web: www.theconciliationgroup.com

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