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From his offices in London, Beijing and Singapore, Graham Rowan chairs the Elite Investor Club , a global network of sophisticated and high net worth investors dedicated to taking ownership of their financial future.

Graham helps savvy professionals and business owners achieve their financial goals through a combination of wealth coaching and extraordinary investments that you don’t find on the High Street.

He looks for interesting investments and, if they reach his standards, he puts his own money into them before sharing them with his 4,500 followers. This means investors know he has already ‘walked the talk’ so they can follow his approach to achieve the lifestyle that they aspire to.

He’s known as the Renegade Investor because he turned his back on the traditional financial services industry after his so-called wealth managers lost him £150,000 in the Nasdaq tech boom and bust fifteen years ago. Since then Graham has built up a seven figure net worth by managing his own investments, property portfolio and businesses so he’s worth listening to on the subjects of wealth creation and wealth protection.

As well as being the first to hear about new investment opportunities, members of the Elite Investor Club benefit from the monthly Wealth Watch investment magazine, weekly Renegade Investor TV videos on Youtube and Graham’s weekly opinion piece at www.grahamrowan.com There are live member events in London, Birmingham and Singapore and an online Wealth Webinar where members join in from across the globe.

The psychology of investing is one of the critical success factors for determining the results that people achieve. To help members better understand themselves and therefore the approach that will be best for them, Graham has undergone training as an IMA Practitioner and made the questionnaire available at the Elite Investor Club website.

“To be a successful investor, you need to know yourself. I can describe exactly the same investment opportunity to four different people and get four different responses. That’s because they each have a different ‘Investor Personality’. The good news is that there are only 4 main types of Investor Personality and you can determine which one you are in the next five minutes! Just pop your details in the form below and you’ll be taken to the questionnaire. Answer the 10 questions and you’ll find out straight away which ‘colour’ of Investor Personality you have and what that means for your approach to wealth creation. "

Graham Rowan

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Questionnaire: iMA-eliteinvestor.com Web: www.eliteinvestorclub.com

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