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Eiman Mahdi Abbas has "earned the right" to speak about what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur having built a consulting & training firm "EMARK Consulting", and beauty salons & spa company with the brand name "Charisma Lifestyle Salon & Spa".
Having invested her time, energy, ambition, courage and her money into the businesses since 2004 she is now committed to teach others the valuable lessons that she has learned to help them accelerate their cycle of professional and business development.
Eiman helps others on their journey of self discovery by helping them realise that to reach success that you must first step outside your comfort zone to do the "right things "that need to be done and take charge when it is called upon to do so.
She teaches people that we "learn by doing" and that is really the only way we can learn how to do something.That rewards are in direct proportion to our contribution and service and a failing experience doesn't make a failure, it's just an experience and that you can turn failure into Success!
Eiman has contributed to various projects, workshops, conferences to improve the standing of entrepreneurship development in Kuwait and the GCC region on key issues involving the principles,fundamentals and concepts in starting small and growing a big business.
Personal Biography
MBA (Distinction) Maastricht Business School (KMBS) and BSC in Computer Science, Minor Organization and Personnel Kuwait University
Conducted business counselling for many start up business clients, in particular identifying investment promotion opportunities, and network worldwide in United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Bahrain in 2014. 
Responsible for developing Economic Program for SMES in Kuwait include mapping the ecosystem, strategic and action plans, advocacy programs, one stop shop, Pre-Incubation Program.
Designed programs for stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship among Kuwaiti Youth. 
Conducted a full study for SMES ecosystem in Bahrain in 2013 and investigated Tamkeen, BDB, Ebda Bank and UNIDO, for financial and nonfinancial services for starting new businesses.
Providing evaluated investment opportunities in GCC countries, validating feasibility studies, preparing business plans and undertaking fund raising exercise (both equity and debt) using our worldwide network including multinational organization, financial institutions and high networth individuals
Play the lead role representing Knight International-UK for iMA Practitioners Program through EMARK.

"In my continuous search for developing my communication and interpersonal skills, I was introduced to iMA which I found to be fun, simple and very meaningful. At that moment; I decided to become an Accredited iMA Practitioner.
I have learned how to teach others the universal iMA language and practice it personally. iMA is making dramatic improvements in my understanding of my employees and customers, in making decisions and is helping me in consulting and in my coaching business."

Eiman Mahdi Abbas
Director Emark Consulting and Charisma

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