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Donnie MacNicol is Director of Team Animation and leads consultancy, training, facilitation and mentoring assignments. Donnie has deep change management experience which combines with his PPM experience to enable him to develop innovative solutions for building end-to-end PM capability solutions across communities. His work in PM career structures has helped a number of leading technology companies and public sector organisations achieve rapid improvements in delivery confidence and results. Widely recognized as contributing to the ‘people and organizational side’ of project management thinking, he is in much demand as a speaker and writer. He is passionate about delivering value by incorporating the latest behavioural, organisational, cultural and human resources thinking. Donnie chaired Association for Project Management’s People SIG for 10 years to 2011 and now contributes actively to a number of strategic initiatives focused on the way the profession engages with business leaders. He has recently taken on the role of Chair of the PMI UK Chapter Organisational Project Management Forum whose purpose is to create the practices which support effective transformation.

Donnie is currently finishing off a book on Project Leadership with a colleague which will introduce a range of innovative and supportive diagnostics and materials. Donnie is a member of the Acumen7 Business Leaders Network who have led organisations and major projects, in particular in the infrastructure sector. Donnie is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

He has  developed a range of developmental workshops on project and programme management, leadership, communication, teamwork, change and conflict management which have been delivered worldwide to over 4000 people. He is now using iMA as a powerful tool to:

Donnie is now using iMA as a powerful tool to:

Improve connectivity within teams improving communication and collaboration

Align project management to the needs of the project, the team and organisation

Improve the process of change in complex environments.

Donnie MacNicol BSc MAPM MIOD
Director, Team Animation Ltd
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