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Brought up in Ireland, until age 11.  In early adulthood I wanted to be a reporter;  I have always enjoyed writing and have always had a strong desire to help people.  I guess financial planning and financial guidance is an ideal outlet for me.  Helping people to see, that what might, at outset, appear to be awfully daunting, is in fact fairly simple when all is stripped back to the core principles.  

And so, I have been supporting and coaching clients in order to help simplify their financial decision making for over 35 years.  

I am so fortunate that I have a job that I love, and whilst I have no intention of retiring, I guess a time will come, hopefully in the distant future, when I may no longer be fit and able to continue and thus my work on a robust continuation plan is ongoing.   I am delighted that at the heart of our business, our client care team has never been stronger.  The huge benefits of having a young team is that they learn so very quickly.  This makes my role as the leader/mentor so much easier, steering, guiding and coaching. 

Throughout my career  have been continually on the outlook for better ways of doing things.

That's why when I met iMA creator James Knight and he told me about a simple way of observing and identifying the differences in people that helps you communicate and connect with every person on their wavelength I wanted to know more. When he told me that it was possible for me to learn how to use iMA within the Financial Management by becoming an Accredited iMA Practitioner, I jumped at the chance.

Denis Rafter Director Rafter Financial Management

Denis@ rafterassociates.co.uk


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