David White Great Britain

I became an Accredited iMA Practitioner because I knew it would help me communicate with others more effectively.

Although I am a High Yellow I come from a muddled High Green ("Rocket Scientist") / High Red (son of an accountant) background. Learning my comfort zone was the first step in the recovery I did not know I needed. I have been much more equipped to communicate since.

In life I am twice divorced and I think I am set for a better third marriage as I know that I share the same comfort zone as my next wife. I did not with the last two. I feel I am better able to get on with everyone around me at home and at work, which is a much happier, inclusive and connected feeling.

In business I am able to recognise peoples needs earlier and give them what they want, this helps ensure I give better service to all those around me. In the current recession, we need all the friends we can get and the iMA Strategy pays off big time.

David White

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