David Holroyd Doveton Great Britain

I am David Holroyd-Doveton, The Digital Sherpa.

I am a Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing Coach with over thirty years experience in helping both well established and start up businesses develop and promote themselves, both offline and online, resulting in an increase in sales and dominance in their target marketing niche. I tend to focus on business owners who find it difficult to understand the new digital age and who need help in finding their way through the maze of platforms and online sites.

I was first introduced to iMA by James Knight, The Master iMA Practitioner over two years ago while I was developing my own digital skills. I was immediately drawn to the simple yet extremely effective idea of the new universal language that James had developed. The language of iMA. While not knowing how to speak the language I did have a basic understanding as the principals of the language and used this basic understanding in many of my coaching sessions. The response that I got from those who attended my courses encouraged me to find out more about iMA.

Over the past couple of years I have attended numerous courses and have looked at several areas in which to develop my knowledge so that I can be of more help to my clients. None of them seemed to excite me or meet what I was looking for. I kept coming back to finding out more about iMA and after having a conversation with James I came to a very quick decision that becoming an Accredited iMA Practitioner was what I really wanted to do.

The knowledge that I have gained while I have been trained by James will I am certain hold me in good stead over the coming years. Being a High Red I have learnt of the many ways in which to connect with people from all walks of life. For a High Red this is not an easy thing to do and without understanding the iMA language, would have been impossible.

David Holrotd Doveton

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