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I first met James Knight in 2003 and was so taken by IMA I adopted it both professionally and personally straightaway making me the first ever IMA Practitioner. I loved the simplicity of it and it became a part of my everyday language within weeks. We had a lot of fun with it and embraced it at every level within our region. Within months we had reduced the cost of recruitment because suddenly no one wanted to leave. Respect levels increased across all departments as we now understood that not all people had the same priorities. Most importantly, we were now treating people the way that they wanted to be treated and the improvement in overall business performance was staggering.

Early in my career I was given some advice that sounded very solid - “Always be yourself and never change David”. I was a reasonably confident young man and it seemed good advice so I adopted that stance for the next 15 years. Although I was enjoying a good career before I came across iMA I had experienced some senior stakeholders that I had struggled to make a ‘real connection’ with however hard I tried. It took iMA to make me realise why I was not connecting with everybody as well as would have liked. In my case, I had not been adapting my High Yellow style to High Reds and had talked too much about people as opposed to the task. If only I had have been introduced to iMA in 1983 and not 2003!

We have been using iMA at Auto Trader for many years and some of the more memorable ways we have used it are as follows:

We had a small flag hung above peoples desks to indicate their ‘colour’. This meant as you approached them you could adapt your style to make the best connection with them.
We have used the iMA questionnaire as part of the interview process.
We have identified our customers preferred communication styles and adapted/modified our sales approach to fit.
We have trained our customers on iMA
We have prevented High Reds from attending sales meetings that are heavily attended by High Yellows if performance is below par.
We use the iMA language everyday
We take iMA seriously but have a lot of fun with it too
We won many awards and received national recognition off of the back of using iMA

David Beeney

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