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My name is Clive Digby-Jones, originally a business leader, I am a Consultant in Innovation and an Executive and Leadership Coach based in the USA. I specialize in helping people at all levels in an organization and elsewhere to connect and create new futures, maximize projects and achieve exceptional results.

When I modeled Walt Disney for the Disney Corporation, the key to his managing creativity was to incubate highly creative teams. Today, with rapid technological change, social media and jobs under threat, people’s attention span is minimal. We need a simple and proven cloud based behavioral software solution to help and teach people to connect... iMA.

When I discovered iMA in 2008, I saw some 60,000 people on Ecademy move quickly beyond age, ethnicity, gender and cultures and create lasting and profitable relationships as they identified their iMA color and added the iMAge to their profile. I find iMA to be a fast systematic mechanism which connects people right across the board in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

My experience: Management up to CEO and Group Board level; Innovation consultant with clients like Disney, Unilever, Hewlett Packard and BMW; Leadership Coaching with Executives from companies like Shell, Campbell’s Foods, Added Value Group (WPP); led a psychotherapy and counseling organization.

If you are interested in Business Building, Productive Sales, High Performing Teams, Aligned Management and Staff, Dynamic Teacher/Student relationships, Improved Parenting, or Harmonized Human Relations, please contact me.

Clive Digby-Jones

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