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Christine Alexander Smith is a passionate and experienced Learning & Development Consultant who has spent over 25 years working within the SET and STEM, Banking, Telecom and retail industries.

She started out as a technologist working within the network and communication field in the 80's, then moved into roles which focused on supporting and developing employees working within blue chip organisations. Christine has developed employees and executives within organisations such as Vodafone Engineering, Siemens Business Services, BP Oil, Commerzbank, Halliburton, WS Atkins, IBM UK and EMEA, HP UK, The Intercontinental Hotel Group, and the British Computer Society to name just a few.

Christine specialises in helping people engage within organisations and in their personal lives.

"I was looking for a tool which would transend age, ethnicity, gender and cultures and really facilitate people connecting simply and quickly, when I discovered iMA. I found it to be a fast systematic mechanism which connects people right across the board in all areas of their professional and personal lives.

Professionally I use iMA in my own business to help me connect and engage with my clients on a level with which they are familiar and then they are operating at their optimum, this is good for me and great for business.

If you are interested in raising the productivity and connectivity in your organisation and with your customers and would like to talk some more to me about a tool that really works please contact me.

Christine Alexander Smith
Director, DCI Limited
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