Angela Murray iMAPractitioner New Zealand

Hi I'm Angela Murray

I'm a highly skilled business professional with over 30 years experience, a relationship manager, a qualified coach and a keen observer of human behaviour.

I have worked  with small organisations, through to those on a truly global scale in NZ and the UK. Ranging from 120 employees to Rolls-Royce Global HQ with 12,000.

A reoccurring complaint from employees in the organisations she has worked with is “the company doesn’t know how to communicate” but who is the ‘company’ made up of? The answer is ‘people’.

My passion lies in developing individuals and companies, helping them maximise their differences and abilities.

I am very excited about working with iMA, it’s a fantastic system which helps individuals harness their natural influencing

skills. iMA gives them the tools to recognise and accept the differences in themselves and others. It shows them how to improve their communication, connect effectively with others, and reach their full potential.

Being an Accredited iMA Practitioner I am excited to be at the forefront of helping people develop their communication skills and ability to connect. I look forward with anticipation to the difference iMA will make to the individuals and organisations I work with.

Angela Murray

BA (Hons), MCipsa
Phone: 0064 2102706498
Email: am@angelamurray.co.nz

Web: www.iMA-AM.com

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