What is iMA?

iMA is a universal color based language, which is designed to help people communicate more effectively and optimize connectivity at every level of their lives.

Each of us shares the same comfort zone( iMA color) and is on the same wavelength as 25% of the worlds population that looks at and filters the world through the same eyes and ears, and speaks the same iMA dialect.

75% of the worlds population thinks differently and has different wants, needs, priorities, mannerisms approaches and opinions, and speaks a different iMA dialect than you. When people are different you tend to:

  • Take less notice of what they say
  • Be less tolerant of their shortcomings and failures
  • Be less prepared to acknowledge their strengths
  • Give more weight to their weaknesses

We have difficulty connecting e.g. liking, trusting, understanding and respecting people that are different from us.

  • We often mis-communicate
  • We have difficulty persuading
  • We rub people up the wrong way just by being ourselves

These differences cause stress and tension.

Your Effectiveness Success Happiness and Future, depends on your ability to connect with the 75% of the people in the world that are on a different wavelength than you.

iMA Practitioners are trained to help individuals and companies bridge the gap between the differences in people, and connect with others on their wavelength using the universal language of iMA.

  • Focusing on the wants and needs of the individual
  • Creating an environment where people feel valued
  • Treating people the way they want to be treated

When this happens, connectivity, trust, communication, cooperation, understanding ,respect and sales go up and stress and tension go down.

People who Connect with others Prosper. Those that don't Struggle.

Greater Connectivity produces better results, at less cost, sooner, at work and in life.

Learn how to interact with others in ways that increase Connectivity and avoid ways that destroy it.

Become an iMA Practitioner

Gain a competitive edge by training as an iMA Practitioner and teach others how to create greater connectivity, producing better results at less cost, sooner - at work and in life.

  • Add an exciting new dimension to your business
  • Multiply the ways you can be of service, and your income potential

It's taking longer to close sales, to make decisions, to have your phone calls returned if at all. Technology that was supposed to bring you closer is being used as a barrier to keep you out.

The rules of the game have changed; it's time to trash old strategies with a unique new approach.

Learn how becoming an Accredited iMA Practitioner can:

  • Cut through technological barriers
  • Take the pain out of prospecting
  • Get an inside Connection
  • Continually open new doors
  • Gain access to the people that have the power to say “yes”

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity that can:

  • Take the pain out of prospecting
  • Dissolve the high tech freeze out
  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Add value to people and companies
  • Multiply your income and the ways you can be of service.

If you:

  • Have a high level of expertise in a specific area
  • A proven track record
  • Are willing to invest in yourself to develop a skill that will change peoples lives for the better.

A Global Appeal

Chances are that you might qualify as an Accredited iMA Practitioner and add an exciting new dimension to your career and your life.

iMA Practitioners from around the world are trained online personally by iMA creator and Master Practitioner James Knight.

Developing the skill and receiving the tools to competently present iMA 1 to 1 or in groups. Provided with iMA proprietary technology that continually opens new doors and generates leads. Receiving ongoing support and joining an ever increasing community of iMA Practitioners around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an iMA Practitioner, please attend our Preview Explanation Meeting, or contact us using this form.

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